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HGCC Executive and Sub-Committees

The current executive and their subcommittee positions are as follows;

President-Will Warwick (Clubhouse, Fundraiser, Building Committee)
Vice President-Mark Kemaldean (Tournaments, Security, Website)
Secretary- Cary Fecho (Tournaments)
Treasurer-Dave Warwick(Clubhouse, Fundraiser)

    Doug Spies (Building Committee, Clubhouse,Rental Carts)
    Ryan Antosh (Building Committee Lead, Security, Fundraiser)
    Mark Kemaldean (Grounds)

    Robin Sinclair (Sheds)
    Kyle Olsen (Town of Hanna Liason)


Course Superintendent: Kevin Mazzei (Building Committee, Grounds, Security)

Clubhouse Manager: Amanda Anderson (Clubhouse, Tournaments, Security)

Bookkeeper: Kris Mohl

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