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Handicap Formulas

USGA (United States Golf Association) handicap is based on calculation between the differential and course rating of the last 5-20 rounds. A minimum of five rounds must be entered into GolfStats for the USGA handicap to calculate. If the player has recorded over 20 rounds into GolfStats, the handicap is calculated based on the most recent 20 rounds.

CONGU handicap formula is the standard formula for the United Kingdom and Europe. A CONGU handicap is established based from an initial three rounds, and updates as each round is entered into GolfStats. If a user selects CONGU for the first time, or has cleared the CONGU handicap, the user is directed to the CONGU handicap setup form. In the CONGU handicap setup form the user inputs the last three round\'s scores as well as the last three course\'s Standard Scratch Score. The new CONGU handicap is automatically calculated as the data is entered into the form.

If a player wishes to reset or start over with their CONGU handicap, the handicap can be reset from the Handicap page which is found under the Stats Menu.

Warning: Resetting the CONGU handicap will nullify any previous round handicap calculations, and those calculations cannot be restored unless the user re-enters those rounds.


The EGA Handicap System is based on three well-known cornerstones:

1. Part III of the CONGU Scheme 1983, amended edition 1997.
2. The Course and Slope Rating System of the United States Golf Association.
3. The Stableford System to achieve Stroke Control.

The purpose of the system is to produce fair playing handicaps that are adjusted to the relative difficulty of the course being played and to achieve equity and uniformity of handicapping throughout Europe.

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