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2013 George Wilkins Memorial - Men's Open Winners:

Championship Flight: 1st Ken Boulter 2nd Robin Gall 3rd Brett Fraiser
First Flight: 1st Roger Bru 2nd Brodie Gall 3rd Ron Doig
Second Flight: 1st Shawn Hemens 2nd Ian Connell 3rd Craig Bistritan
Third Flight: 1st Tom Ellis 2nd Brian Corry 3rd Corry Howery
Fourth Flight: 1st Cal Werner 2nd Paul Wilkins 3rd Brant Hoff
Fifth Flight: 1st Dustin Ruszkowski 2nd Don Ruszkowski 3rd Craig Simpson
Sixth Flight: 1st Greg Smith 2nd Dick Pahl 3rd Bob Wilkins

Winners of the 2nd annual Buck Howery Memorial Horse Race Chris Howery & Don Ruszkowski


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